How To Sell Vintage Jewelry

Need to know how to sell vintage jewelry? Women are always looking for unique items to complement their wardrobe, and selling vintage jewelry is a great way to help them make their individual fashion statement. If you want to sell vintage jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can sell directly to the public or online, but either way you will want to research and learn the history of your jewelry to make sure you don’t sell your items too cheaply.

  1. It takes time, dedication and patience to research your pieces, but keep in mind, it will help you profit. For most of your vintage jewelry pieces you’ll want to know enough history to convince customers the pieces are worth the price you are asking. Some of your customers may be dealers and actually plan to profit from the purchase from you. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you get enough profit to benefit yourself. Dealers are great repeat customers.
  2. When you know the value of the pieces, price them at three times what it cost you to acquire the piece. As with any business, you need to remember to allow enough profit to be able to add more inventory to your stock, pay for overhead and pay for the time you are investing in your business. For instance, you could purchase a beautiful vintage necklace at $150, after researching you find that the piece is well worth over $1,500. You have options to sell it quite a bit less; three times $150 is only $450, or sell closer to $1,500. Since you did your research, you know the value of your jewelry and can explain this to your customers. Always price your items high enough to accept a lower offer, but never accept an offer that insults you.
  3. To get the best price for your pieces, clean them carefully to bring out the beautiful luster. It's important to clean your pieces properly because some cleaners can damage the metal or gems.
  4. Your display will make your sale. Choose background colors that complement the piece you’re showcasing. For instance, pearls stand out nicely against black. Have plenty of mirrors available for customers to see the piece on them. Let your customers use all their senses when considering a purchase. Although they probably won’t smell the item, make your store smell delicious. They can’t taste your items, but invite customers to have tea or coffee, and offer something to nibble, such as fresh baked bread. This invites them to linger, browse longer, chat and relax. They can’t hear your products, but you can genuinely tell your customers how great the piece complements them. Welcome them to touch and try on items. When they see the beautiful vintage jewelry draped about them, you are close to sealing your sale.
  5. Know your customers. Learn the traffic of the area you are selling. Never assume a customer will not pay the asking price, but know the area and the spending habits of the area. If you are in a small town where the majority of customers normally spend less than $50 for splurging, you’ll want to add pieces that can fit comfortably into their budget, as well as a few select high end pieces. It’s always a good idea to offer a variety when it comes to pricing and style.
  6. You have several options to sell your jewelry. Besides your own retail location, you can sell online at various sites, sell from a store-front website, add displays at high end consignment shops and beauty salons and even offer fashion demos. If you are fortunate enough to purchase your jewelry at extremely low prices, you can offer items direct to retailers, but know they often want to purchase in bulk.
  7. Enjoy. Selling vintage jewelry can be profitable and fun. It can be truly traumatic to see a treasured piece leave, but the money earned will help you find the next vintage piece to replace the loss. There will be good profitable days and other days will be slow. It’s the nature of any retail business. Give yourself time to see a good return on your money.
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