How To Sell Your Bulova Swiss 1927 Watch

Are you trying to figure out how to sell your antique Bulova Swiss 1927 watch, but just not having much luck? There is a huge market for high-quality antique and vintage watches, especially those with well-known names from the early part of the 20th century. Struggle no longer with trying to find an outlet to sell your Bulova Swiss watch. Below are some ideas and guidelines you can follow to sell the watch and bring home some nice proceeds.

What you need to know to sell a Bulova Swiss 1927 watch:

  • Names of local jewelry and watch appraisers
  • Three local jewelers
  • List of auction houses, antique stores
  • Names of antique malls in the area
  • Dates of antique shows
  • Pawnshops
  1. Take the watch to a reputable antique watch dealer or other jeweler specializing in antiques to get an appraisal. It is important to know what a Bulova Swiss 1927 watch is worth before trying to sell it.
  2. Ask the appraiser if they buy watches and if so ask them what they would offer you for your Bulova watch. Even if you do not sell the watch to them, you will have a baseline price from which to bounce off other offers.
  3. Contact antique jewelry dealers in your area, other than the original appraiser, for a comparison price for your watch. Again, you do not have to sell it then; just get a few offers to confirm the value and for what the price range is when you sell it.
  4. Check with other outlets that may be able to help you sell the watch. There may be local auction houses in your area, antique malls and antique shows that would make good venues for selling the Bulova watch.
  5. Look online for antique watch dealers who may specialize in the early Bulova Swiss watches. Send them detailed photos and a copy of the appraisal and ask them for an offer or if they can take it on consignment, if you prefer.
  6. Choose a buyer or a selling method for your antique Bulova Swiss watch once you have gathered all the information you need about value and price. Weigh the risk factors of sending it to someone by mail against the ease of selling it locally, regardless of price. If you do decide to send it out to be sold, make sure to insure it before doing so.
  7. Sell it to a local pawnshop as a last resort if for some reason you are unable to find another outlet. Antique dealers and fine jewelers often only trade in the highest quality merchandise that is in good, working condition. If your Swiss watch is not in excellent shape, these stores may not buy it from you for sell it for you. Pawnshops will always by anything and pay about one quarter the full value for it.

If your Bulova Swiss 1927 watch is in mint condition and highly collectible, it is worth doing your due diligence to find a buyer or collector, netting you the highest price for your merchandise.

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