How To Sell Your Horror Film

You’ve written the next "Friday the 13th" -a horror movie that will rival Freddie Kruger himself- and now you need to find out how to sell your horror film. Should you call up Columbia Pictures and tell them all about your horror film? Read on for the steps to take on how to sell your horror film.

  1. Buy a current copy of "Writer’s Market." Here you’ll find a list of literary agents who handle various types of projects. You need to find an agent because many independent production companies will not read unsolicited manuscripts from writers without agents. Also, a good agent will know the best place to send your script, and which production companies are legitimate.
  2. Register your script at online websites that advertise scripts to production companies. One such website is Inktip. On these sites, you pay to join and then input information about your horror film script into their database. Production companies look through the database and read the information about scripts in order to find something that is in line with what they’re looking for. Basically, you are advertising on the websites.
  3. Another way to advertise your horror film directly to production companies is to advertise your script in industry magazines such as the "Hollywood Reporter." They have a classified ads section where you can place an advertisement for your horror film. If a producer is interested, he or she will contact you by the means you outline in your ad.

Selling a screenplay is always an uphill battle. If you're new to the industry, it's almost always a good idea to team up with a seasoned agent who knows the industry, who to approach and all the other things that you don't know as a newcomer. With a great agent, and perhaps a bit of advertising on your part, you'll greatly increase your chances of selling your horror film and seeing it on the big screen someday.

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