How To Send Good Dirty Pictures

As technology progresses, more are more people are going to need to know how to send good dirty pictures. You don't want them to be unrecognizable and you don't want things to look out of proportion. Once you know how to send good dirty pictures, it is time to start flashing, literally.

You will need:

  • A camera enabled cell phone with Internet access (if you plan on emailing the good dirty picture) or text messaging (if you are planning to add the good dirty pictures to part of your sexting).
  • A camera and computer access
  1. Go over the consequences. Sending good dirty pictures is a great idea. It can let someone know what they can plan on for the evening, it can show off something that you are pretty proud of, or it could just be a great way to play a joke on friends. However, remember that once the good dirty pictures are sent, there have become the possession of the person you sent them to. They can do what they want with them and show them to anyone. If you are worried about this type of thing, considering making sure that you don't reveal your identity and send it from a different phone number.
  2. Chose a part of the body to photo. There are only a few to choose from if you are going to send good dirty pictures. Think about how you would like everything to look and what you are trying to accomplish with these good dirty pictures.
  3. Choose a location to take the photo. Look around for a place with some light and a background that you won't mind making into the photo. Remember, no matter how much of a close up you are taking, some of the background will show.
  4. Chose an angle. There are flattering angles for certain body parts, and not so flattering angles for others. If you are going to send good dirty pictures, you need to make sure that you are getting the maximum exposure and your have your  best “face” forward.
  5. Take a test photo. When it comes to sending good dirty pictures, you are probably going to need to take a few before choosing which one is going to be sent. If you aren't sure what looks best, take the dirty pictures for several different places to get some idea of which one maximizes the potential of your subject.
  6. Send good dirty pictures. If by phone, text or email them. If by computer, email them. Make sure that you double check the email address or phone number of the recipient at least twice before pressing send. You don't want someone else in your list of contacts to see this side of you unintentionally.

It takes time to learn how to take good dirty pictures, but once you figure it out, you are on your way to getting your image out there.  

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