How to Send Pictures With a BlackBerry Bold

Knowing how to send pictures with a Blackberry Bold is very simple and can be done with a few easy steps.  Technology couldn't have been made more easier with a Blackberry Bold.  Everything can be done with just a push of a button.  There is nothing like having pictures, videos, and music easily available.  Here is how to send pictures with a Blackberry Bold:

  1. On the main screen of the Blackberry Bold, click the Media icon with the the track pad.
  2. Click pictures.  This is also where to find music,videos, and ring tones.
  3. All pictures, picture folders, sample pictures, and use of the camera are options that will appear.
  4. Click the category of choice to find the picture desired.  If necessary click a picture folder.  It all depends on where the pictures are saved.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of work to find the desired picture to send.
  5. Highlight the picture when the picture is found and then press the menu key.
  6. Click send and then click the MMS option.  If the person is not in the address book, click Use once and then click Phone.  Put in the phone number and then click the track pad.  If the person is in the address book, click that person and then the phone number belonging to the person.
  7. Pick an image size and then click OK.  Scroll down and type a message if necessary.
  8. Press the menu key and click send.  Now that is how to send pictures with a Blackberry Bold simple and fast.
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