How to Send Pictures With a BlackBerry Storm

If you're lucky enough to own one, you should learn how to send pictures with a Blackberry Storm. You can send existing photo files or you can take new ones with your Blackberry Storm. You can also send videos using this handheld device. Your Blackberry has a large amount of memory so you can store a great deal of pictures and videos on your Blackberry Storm.

  1. Take a picture on your Blackberry. Press the button for your camera on your key pad. Once the camera application starts up press the menu button below "Capture." You can then open the file and save it to your handheld. You will have the option to edit or crop the picture prior to saving. Make sure you finish any adjustments needed to the picture now and close the file.
  2. Select Send a Picture Message on your Blackberry Menu screen under SMS Messages. Select browse and locate the picture you took in Step 1. This will load up the picture and attach it to the picture SMS message.
  3. Select the contact from your address book to whom you want to send this picture message. Use your touch screen to select the text area of this message. Type in your personal message for your contact in this area. Now press send. Your picture and text message will be sent to your contact. You can check your sent box to make sure that the message was sent, if you do not receive the "your message has been sent" message immediately.



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