How To Send Pictures From A Nokia 6133 To Computer

Need to know how to send pictures from a Nokia 6133 to a computer? Photo sharing is one of the most popular online activities among many users, regardless of age. Even baby boomers partake in this kind of recreation, and that explains the production of different brands of cell phones that can be used as cameras. One of them is the sophisticated Nokia 6133. This phone has many wonderful features: FM radio, speakerphone, world-phone support and, of course, a 1.3-megapixel camera. If you have a Nokia 6133 mobile phone, you can now share your pictures with your friends through your computer.

To send pictures from a Nokia 6133 to a computer, you will need:

  • Your Nokia 6133 mobile phone
  • A notebook or desktop
  • An internet connection
  1. One of the many advantages of the Nokia 6133 is its ability to send email and pictures anywhere in the world. Why do you have to transfer your photos to your computer, then? For various reasons, but the primary purpose is to improve the quality of your pictures before sending them out to your friends and your kinsfolk.
  2. Make sure your computer has the right software. The quality of the pictures transferred from your Nokia 6133 mobile phone can be improved dramatically with photo-editing software on your machine. You can transmit your photos from your mobile phone camera to your computer via Bluetooth wireless or USB flash drive media transfer.
  3. Use the internet to share your pictures. To share your photos with your friends or to post them on your favorite social networking site, all you need is a good, reliable internet connection.

Put your internet to good use by sharing your digital pictures with your loved ones. Make your photos available on the web and start meeting new friends now through your Nokia 6133 mobile phone and your personal computer. Surely people are out there waiting for you, so start sharing at once!

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