How To Send A Ringtone By Text Message

If you love sharing ringtones, you may want to know how to send a ringtone by text message. This is a rather easy task and does not require great skill to accomplish. You can send ringtones, videos and pictures in the same way. The time it takes to transmit and/or send a ringtone may vary depending on the size of the file.

Things you'll need:

  • Cellular phone
  • Ringtone
  1. Download the ringtone onto your phone. There are many websites that offer free ringtone downloads. Simply look for the ringtone you want and download it to your phone. You may want to test the ringtone after the download. Oftentimes the ringtones will work on the website but once they are downloaded to your phone they may not. It's best to check the ringtone before attempting to send it by text message.
  2. Open a blank text message and attach the ringtone file just as you would any other file type. Attach this file in the same way you would an email attachment. It may take a few moments to attach the ringtone to the text message, especially if the file is large. If you wish to add a message with this ringtone, do so now before you select your recipient.
  3. Select the recipient for this text message from your contacts. Simply scroll through your contact list, highlight the contact you want to send the text message, and select "OK."
  4. Send the text message. Once the message disappears on the screen, check your outbox to make sure there is an entry for this message. As long as it shows up in the outbox, your text message was sent successfully. You have now sent a ringtone by text message.



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