How To Send Sexting Images

Need to know how to send sexting images? When you are dating someone or even when you are married, sexting images can be a fun way to spice up your relationship. Men always enjoy getting this type of message on their phone. You might want to warn him that they are coming first, though, to make sure that he is the only one looking at his phone or that it is not just lying around. You want to make sure that everyone is not seeing all of your business out to play.

  1. Start out by sending a few sexual messages (sexting), just telling him things that you enjoy in the bedroom. This will make him look forward to the pictures. You can describe to him what you are doing while you take the pictures. Tell him things such as, "I'm removing my bra to send you a picture." You can send your pictures to him as a story. Start out by sending one in a bra and then move onto one with nothing on underneath it. You can send simple pics to start out, but as you do this more often your man is going to start to expect a bit more out of you.
  2. Never send anything that you are not comfortable sending to him. You can take pictures of yourself masturbating or even using toys on yourself if you want to have a lot of fun with it. Your man will be shocked when he sees that you sent this pic to his phone. Sexting images can even be a good way to move your relationship to the next level and get more comfortable with each other. It is sometimes easier to show him your best side when you get to choose the angle, and it can be less stressful than just being naked in the room in front of him. When you are sexting, have fun with it and ask him to send you pictures in return.
  3. Remember, when you are sexting images of yourself to a guy, make sure you are sending the message to the right person. It would be really embarrassing if you accidently sent it to your dad or your entire phone book. This is something to be kept between you and your significant other.
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