How To Send A Text Message From Email

How to send a text message from email is the quickest way to deliver a message without the use of a mobile phone. It is also very practical for those who want to save money without paying for texting and a faster way to type a message without using a mobile phone keypad. If you want to juggle between texting and emailing, learn the ways to do it. 

To send a text message from email, you will need:

  • A computer with internet access
  • Valid email address
  • Recipient’s cell number
  • Recipient’s carrier email domain
  1. Know your cell phone carrier. To send a text message from email, find out the carrier for your cell phone provider. For example: AT&T should be, replacing the word "number" with the area code and the recipient's cell phone number ( Web services such as Yahoo! has an added feature of sending a text message to a cell phone similarly as an email text. To compose a text message, use the drop down box by pressing the "New" button and click on "Mobile Text." A small box will appear below so type in the contact's cell number, write your message, and press” Send" to deliver the text message.
  2. Compose a message. Now you know the carrier email domain, open a new message box and in the "To:" box, type in the recipient’s email domain, "", then type in the subject and write the message.
  3. Press send. After writing the message, press the "Send" button. The recipient should receive his text message shortly via your email address.
  4. Here is a list of carriers to send a text via email: T-mobile: Suncom:; Sprint:; Verizon:; AT&T:; Qwest:; Metro PCS:; U.S Cellular:; Alltel:; Virgin Mobile:; Powertel:; Nextel:
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