How To Send Text Messages On iPod Touch

It is possible to learn how to send text messages on an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch has full access to just about any web page and allows you to access your e-mail account, do a Google search, or go to Facebook. The iPod Touch can do just about anything, so why would sending text messages be left out? It does not have to be, because you can easily enjoy the benefits of sending text messages on your iPod Touch. It's free and easy to send text messages on your iPod Touch.

  1. Have the person's full phone number. Make sure you have the phone number including the area code of the person that you want to send the text message to. It will not work if you only use the 7-digit number.
  2. Go to your e-mail page. On your iPod Touch, any email page will work whether it is Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Once you are in your e-mail page, select compose. In the "TO"' area, type that person's phone number followed by (ie.
  3. Type your text message. Type an email as you normally would on your iPod Touch, but keep it short like a text message. Remember that the other person will be reading this on their phone just like it is a text message, so keep it short and simple.
  4. Hit send on the email on your iPod Touch. When you are finished typing your email/text, hit the send button. When you send the email, Teleflip will automatically convert the email to a sms message and sends it to the phone, just like a regular text message. Regular text message rates will apply to the other person's phone.  
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