How Serious Is A Tortuous Aorta?

If you have a tortuous aorta you may have asked your doctor, "how serious is a tortuous aorta?" The truth is that each situation is different. Some people with tortuous aortas never experience a problem. They do not have any health problems at all. But on the other hand people with tortuous aorta can experience health problems or at a high risk for health problems.

For those that don't know, a tortuous aorta is an aorta that is deformed or  that has a misshapen path. A tortuous aorta could have be twisted and cause a blockage of blood flow to the organs. In healthy people with a normal aorta it takes a fairly straight path away from the heart to deliver oxygenated blood throughout the body. People with a tortuous aorta have irregular or unusual twists, turns, or other abnormalities that can affect the blood flow.

Many people with a tortuous aorta also have atherosclerosis or calcification of the artery. There are also at a higher risk for a wide range of ailments, including high blood pressure, low blood oxygen levels, and poor circulation. To determine how serious tortuous aorta is for your specific situation a doctor will have to do some testing. The test will including nuclear imaging and a chest radiograph.

A tortuous aorta is a condition that will need to be determined by a doctor. Your doctor can determine how serious the tortuous aorta is in your specific situation. There is not a one size fits all course of action for this condition.

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