How To Serve Grenache Shiraz Wine

Learn how to serve Grenache Shiraz wine for your next backyard barbecue. The Grenache Shiraz blend originated in Australia. Grenache is a lighter, more delicate grape, which is higher in alcohol. It produces a raspberry colored juice with notes of spiciness. Combining Grenache with Shiraz creates a balance as Shiraz contributes body, color and structure and tannins. Grenache doesn't contribute a notable amount of tannins, but its spicy notes compliment the peppery spice found in the Shiraz. Here are some considerations for serving a Grenache-Shiraz wine:

In order to learn about how to serve Grenache Shiraz wine, you will need:

  • wine glasses
  • a corkscrew
  1. Temperature. Hopefully you know that wine is not served over ice. It seems like this should be common knowledge, but it bears repeating. Do not put red wine in the refrigerator. A Grenache Shiraz blend should be served close to room temperature.
  2. Glassware. If you don't already have wine glasses, Riedel makes a superb and reasonable priced wine glass. It is acceptable to use any red wine glass or tumbler for a Grenache-Shiraz blend. Don't use champagne flutes. Ideally your glasses should be made from crystal, but if not, that is fine. Just don't use mugs or red plastic beer pong cups.
  3. Pour. When serving red wine, you don't want to fill the glass up to the rim. Many red wines need to "breathe" before you can drink them. People like to swirl the wine around and some like to stick their entire nose into the glass (which would present obvious difficulties with a full glass). Additionally, red wine has a high alcohol content; so if you are pouring big, you will quickly end up with very drunk dinner guests.
  4. Food. Shiraz and Grenache blends pair well with heavier foods. Try cooking a roast or something with a lot of herbs and spices. Barbecue and Mexican foods are also enhanced with a Shiraz-Granache wine blend.


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Cellarnotes: Grenache

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