How To Serve Pinot Grigio

If you enjoy light crisp wines that hail from Italy, France, Germany, and California, take a few minutes to learn how to serve Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio, which is created from the Pinot Gris grape varietal, is actually Italy’s most popular wine. This wine is deliciously easy to drink, and is mild enough for a laid back dinner with family; and is refreshing enough for a warm day at the beach. To really garner the greatest benefit from serving Pinot Grigio, there are a few things to consider.  

  1. Temperature: As apposed to its sister grape, Pinot Noir, the sweeter Pinot Grigio is best served chilled. Mind the thermostat on your refrigerator, though. Despite its fruity undertones, Pinot Grigio is not as sweet as ice wines or dessert wines. Chill this wine in a refrigerator or an ice bucket to the more moderate temperature of around 45 degrees. Keep in mind your refrigerator probably runs around ten degrees cooler than this, so only chill the wine for an hour or so. There are many wine coolers you can purchase if you really enjoy wine, and most of these can be set to the ideal temperature for a typical white wine.
  2. Food pairings: When it’s time to serve wine with a meal, note Pinot Grigios acid content before planning your menu. Though this wine is innately Italian, this fairly acidic wine will not compliment your tomato based sauces. Instead, try serving a lighter garlic or cream sauce with your pasta dish. This wine also provides a lovely balance to most seafood dishes, as well as poultry. As such, this is the ideal Thanksgiving Dinner wine.
  3. Undertones: Like most wines, all Pinot Grigios are not created equally. Though this medium-bodied white wine tends to be silky regardless of its distributor, this wine can amass various and eclectic flavor profiles. Common undertones to this sweet and sometimes smoky wine are more tropical or floral. It is not uncommon to register a hint of vanilla on your pallet. Melon and pear are less common in a traditional Pinot, but many vineyards infuse the wine with this bouquet, as the flavors work well within the structure of the wine. Some connoisseurs also note hints of honey, and even peach or apricot. The information for flavors and balance of a particular wine will be depicted on the label, and reading these profiles can also teach you a great deal if you desire to be a wine-o in the know.

For years people have chosen to drink wine because of slight health benefits, and for its ability to draw the public together. Pinot Grigio is widely popular because if its light and refreshing quality. This wine pairs well with most foods with low acidity, and is as versatile as it is unique. One of the most popular wines in the world, it is produced in vineyards across America and Europe. Serve Pinot Grigio at your next gathering if you want to present a wine that is popular with most people’s tastes as it is neither too sweet nor too dry.

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