How To Serve Reisling Wine

Here are some easy tips on how to serve Riesling wine. Want to know how to serve Riesling wine at a dinner or gathering? Here are some basics on how to serve Riesling wine to ensure that the service is optimal and appreciated.

  1. Riesling wine should be chilled before serving. The temperature of the wine will affect the taste and aroma of the wine. Chill Riesling wine one hour before serving at 55 degrees. Place bottle of wine in iced water if it needs to be chilled quickly, never store wine in the refrigerator, because it will make you wine taste flat.
  2. Open the wine bottle using a wine opener. Cut the foil at the top of the Riesling wine bottle, remove the top and leave the rest of the capsule to decorate the neck of the bottle. Remove the cork, and wipe the top of the bottle with a clean towel prior to pouring.
  3. Serve Riesling wine in the appropriate glass. You can serve Riesling wine in a crystal Riesling wine glass. These glasses are made to enhance the flavors and bouquet of Riesling. A long stem allows for ease of swirling. These glasses are machine made, and affordable. Smaller, plainer glasses work best.
  4. Pour Riesling wine in glass by slightly turning the bottle as you pour. This will prevent any wine from spilling while you pour. Never fill the glass with Riesling wine, pour wine to the halfway mark. Pour Riesling wine as often as your guests want.  Enjoy! You’ve mastered the art of serving Riesling wine.
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