How To Service A Mountain Bike

For optimal performance and safety it is important to learn how to service a mountain bike. Regular servicing will reduce the risk of a mishap occurring while on a cycling trip. By learning how to service a mountain bike yourself, you will not only reduce your risk of injury, but you will save money as well. Routine service to various areas of the mountain bike should be done regularly to keep it functioning properly.

  1. Begin with a routine wipe and check. Approximately every 25 miles of use, you should perform a routine wipe and check on your bike. This is an overall check of your bike to make sure all areas are functioning properly. Check the wheels of the bike to make sure all spokes are tight and check the air pressure of the tires. Check the handlebar as well to make sure it is tightened properly. The brakes need to be checked to make sure they are functioning properly, as well as the gears. At this time, wipe off any old lubrication from the bike chain and re-lubricate it. The front and rear shocks need to be checked to make sure the dust seals are clean.
  2. Continue with proper fork maintenance. Learning how to service a mountain bike needs to include fork maintenance. This should be conducted after approximately 75 hours of bike use. The fork dust seals need to be removed and cleaned. The oil inside needs to be clean. The foam rings need to be cleaned and lubricated also. After it is all cleaned, replace the dust seals.
  3. Finish up with chain maintenance. Chain maintenance is very important to keep your mountain bike functioning smoothly. Chain service should occur whenever the chain is worn or after about 300 miles of bike use. To service the chain, remove the chain, bottom bracket (BB) bearing, and the crank. After checking the BB bearing for wear, grease it. This should be done with the crank as well. Remove and grease the rear shock also. Check to make sure the cassette and chain rings do not need to be replaced before reassembling the bike.

If you are an avid adventurer, it is very important to learn how to service a mountain bike. Simple service every now and then will save you the headache of a broken chain or a bumpy ride while out on a cycling trip. While you can take your bike in to be routinely serviced, you can save yourself the money by simply doing it yourself with these three easy tips.

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