How To Set The Alarm On An iHome

If you learn how to set the alarm on an iHome, you can queue up a smooth morning playlist with which you can start your morning. Or, if you prefer, you can load up a bunch of noisy rock and roll to startle your sleepy self right out of bed. No matter your morning preferences, first you need to know how to set the alarm. This quick guide will help you program the alarm clock on your iHome in a matter of seconds.

To set the alarm on an iHome, you will need:

  • An iHome
  • An iPod (optional)
  1. Plug your iHome into a wall outlet using the appropriate AC adapter. The device can keep time using a small internal battery, but the alarm clock will not function unless the iHome is connected to a power source.
  2. Hold in the "Alarm Set" button for at least two seconds. The clock display on the front of the iHome should begin to flash. This button may also be labeled "Alm. Set."
  3. Press the "Hour" button to advance the clock by one hour. If you hold down this button, it will advance through the hours more quickly. Don't forget to double check the a.m./p.m. indicator on the display to ensure you are setting the clock for the correct twelve-hour period. You don't want the alarm going off at 6 p.m. tomorrow evening if you need to be up in the morning!
  4. Press the "Minute" button to advance the clock by one minute. Again, holding this button will scroll quickly through the minutes of the hour. Use these two buttons to select an appropriate time for your alarm to be triggered.
  5. Press the "Alarm Set" button once again to enable the alarm. The device should emit two small beeps and display an alarm clock icon to indicate that the alarm is active. If you ever want to disable or re-enable the alarm, simply press the "Alarm Set" button once to switch it between an active and inactive setting.
  6. If you prefer, connect your iPod and select a playlist to wake you up. If no device is connected when the alarm is triggered, the iHome will simply emit a loud intermittent beep.
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