How To Set Up Alpine Car Amplifier

Knowing how to set up an Alpine car amplifier along with the stereo is recommended. Alpine is a known name in car stereos simply because they are powerful and can work with other stereos. In spite of their capability of handling complex configurations, their interface is easy for users. The controls on the receiver are simple and allow various functions.

Things you'll need:

  • Alpine amplifier
  • Car
  1. To switch the Alpine car amplifier on, use the "Source" button at the upper portion on the left side of the face plate. Set the clock by pressing and holding the "Function Setup" shown by the label "F/Setup." Wait for the clock to start flashing. Now let the "F/Setup" button go and move the encoder over the faceplate to put the right hour. For putting the minutes timing correctly, use the "Ent" label on the right hand side, located towards the immediate right of the encoder, then rotate the rotary encoder until it shows the correct minute setting. Pressing the "F/Setup" button constantly will take you back to "normal" mode. This will get you into the set up mode for the Alpine car amplifier.
  2. Press the "Source" button to choose the tuner mode. As soon as "Tuner" flashes on the screen, you can start listening to radio. The button marked "Band" allows you to select the band you want to listen to. The button marked "Seek" allows you to tune the desired frequency. It has two arrows, one showing right and the other showing left. The left button allows you to navigate through the lower frequencies and the right one to higher frequencies. To decide on to a preset frequency or station, the six preset buttons can be used. The same station will be played the next time you try to tune the radio through the Alpine car amplifier.
  3. Locate a button marked "Open" on the panel to play a CD. You will see a slot. You need to choose a CD and put it into the slot. With the Alpine car amplifier attached, the CD player by default chooses to play the first song listed on the CD. The first song will start playing automatically. To select any other track, use the button marked "Track Forward." It shows two arrows one showing right and the other showing left. The one with the right arrow will take you to the next song.
  4. Setting the "Audio Levels" on the Alpine car amplifier. Choose the required audio settings and push the encoder. This mode enables you to change the audio settings to suit your preferences. Choose different settings such as changing volume, treble, fader, bass and balance. With every setting, choose the level of music that you want to listen to.
  5. Other functions of the Alpine car amplifier are the receiver's capacity to have control over devices, such as MP3 players. Use the button called "Source" to use such devices.
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