How To Set Armitron All Sport Watch

If you tell time by adding six hours and sixteen minutes to Berlin time but live in the USA, maybe it’s time to figure out how to set your Armitron All Sport watch. Like most people, you probably lost the tiny, gnome sized book of instructions years ago. When you tried to adjust the time, you ended up setting the alarm for 4 a.m. and turned the stopwatch to eternal mode. Relax. This happens to everyone. Plus the mental calculations help stimulate your cognitive thinking process.

  1. Set the alarm, time and date. To set your Armitron All Sport Watch you need to locate the four buttons on the sides of the watch. These buttons are called ‘Mode’, ‘Light’, ‘Date’ and ‘Alarm’. Press and hold the ‘Mode’ button until the numbers begin to flash. Now you can set the alarm. Push the ‘Alarm’ button to change the hour.  Press ‘Mode’ to advance to the minutes and press ‘Alarm’ to change them. When you are finished, press the ‘Date’ button to go change the time. Use the ‘Alarm’ button to change the hours and press ‘Date’ button to cycle through the minutes, seconds and date. If you make any mistakes, keep pressing ‘Date’ to cycle back through. When you are finished, press ‘Mode’.
  2. Activate the alarm or hourly chime. The house symbol is for the hourly chime and the bell symbol is for the alarm. While holding the ‘Alarm’ button down, press the ‘Date’ button.  Keep pressing the ‘Date’ button to toggle the hourly chime and alarm symbols on and off.

Tips: Get a large, accordion file. Take a Sharpie permanent black marker and write "Repository of Manuals" on the side. Stick every single instruction book inside.  Go through it once a year and purge all the manuals you no longer have products for.



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