How To Set Up A Banking Account At PNC Bank

Setting up a PNC Bank account is simple and easy. PNC Bank is a growing financial institution offers a variety of banking services. There are convenient PNC Bank locations across the United States. If there is a PNC Bank near you, consider opening a checking, savings, or money market account with them.  Opening an account will be a breeze if you walk in prepared. 

In order to open a PNC Bank account, you will need:

  • Driver's license or identification
  • Money for initial deposit
  1. Visit your nearest PNC Bank branch. You can visit the website to locate a branch. Browse the different types of accounts on the website. There is free checking, performance checking, statement savings, and money market.
  2. When you prepare to open your account, make sure you bring two forms of identification. Bring a government issued photo identification and an additional form of ID.
  3. Bring the money to deposit. A savings account requires a minimum of twenty five dollars to open at PNC Bank. A money market account requires more to open, depending on the type. You will need to leave the money in the account for at least three business days before making a withdraw.
  4. Pass the credit check. If you want to open a checking account at PNC, you must not owe money to any other banks or be in "Chex Systems".
  5. Fill out the application. It is a short application and takes several minutes to complete. Once your application is approved, your account will be opened. You will receive temporary checks immediately. If you are waiting on a debit or ATM card, it will take about a week to arrive.
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