How To Set Up A Blind Date

So you want to play matchmaker for a friend and want to know how to set up a blind date for him or her? Wonderful! Even with the advent of internet dating, some the best matches still stem from thoughtful friends. If you want to set up a friend on a blind date, here’s how to do it:

  1. First of all, make sure your friend wants to be set up. Don’t assume that just because someone is single, he or she is looking. No matter what the person’s age or gender, sometimes it’s just not the right time in his or her life. So ask before you do anything.
  2. Consider your options: Once you know that your friend wants to be set up, go through your mental Rolodex of friends–and friends of friends. Who would be most compatible with your friend? Think about things such as age, geographic location, interests, relationship histories and what they’re looking for. For example, you shouldn’t set up your best female friend with a guy you know is a confirmed bachelor if she’s really looking for love.
  3. Approach the potential match: Once you’ve identified someone who might be a good match for your friend, call or email him or her and ask if he/she is interested in a blind date. Tell the potential match a bit about your friend: first name, age, line of work, interests. See if the potential date is interested.
  4. Set it up: If the potential date says yes, check back with your friend and see if this person sounds like a good fit. If you have yeses on both sides, make sure both people are comfortable with you giving out their email addresses. Then, write an introductory email to both of them, with a heading like, “John, meet Sara. Sara, meet John.”
  5. E-troduce them: In your introductory email, explain that you think they would have a nice time together if they went out sometime. Tell your friend one or two basic things about the potential date, and tell the potential date a few basic things about your friend. End the short email by suggesting that the two of them get in touch to set something up.
  6. Let nature take its course: Your friend and your friend’s date should be able to take it from there. Check in a few days later and ask if they’re arranged to meet. If things seem to have trouble coming together, feel free to suggest a double-date with you and your significant other, if you’d like, or suggest a comfortable, reasonably priced local restaurant you think they might enjoy.
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