How To Set-Up BMX Bike To Practice Flatland Tricks

Here are instructions for how to set-up a BMX bike to practice flatalnd tricks. Flatland tricks on a  BMX is the basis of BMX. Practicing flatland tricks on a BMX takes the BMX enthusiast back to the roots. BMX on flatland was what it was all about a few years back. Flatland tricks on a BMX is still popular, don’t misunderstand but it has to share the limelight with other disciplines. Learning to set a BMX bike up for flatland tricks takes a few modifications to a stock BMX bike. Flatland tricks are fun, entertaining and can be a serious platform for the eager rider. Practicing flatland tricks is a wild ride that is well worth the blood and sweat.

To set up a BMX bike up for flatland tricks, you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • Hacksaw
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver

How to set up a BMX bike up for flatland tricks:

  1. Using the wrench and screwdriver remove the hand brake. Breaking will be old school, make sure you have a good pair of sneakers. Use the wrench to remove the handlebars.
  2. Carefully use the hacksaw to remove about one half of the neck. Set the handlebars back in the neck. Push it low so that you would be well over them if seated.
  3. Remove the seat and cut away about one-half the seat rod. Idea here is to have your seat flush and as low as it can go. These modifications will make the BMX bike smaller an easier to handle, which is perfect for flatland.



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