How To Set Up Bose Speakers

You've just purchased some Bose speakers and need to know how to set up Bose speakers. Bose speakers are brand name speakers known for their phenomenal surround sound. Bose speakers set up with your entertainment system at home allow you to bring the movie theater surround sound experience into your home. These speakers allow the sounds to bounce off the walls and all around the room to give you a theater-like experience at home when watching all of your movies. Learning how to set up Bose speakers is something that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home.

To set up Bose speakers you need:

  • Bose surround sound speaker set
  • Acoustimass module
  1. Placement of the Acoustimass module. The Acoustimass module powers the rest of the speakers and provides the deep and low frequency sound. Place the Acoustimass module as close as possible to the same area where the TV is located. Place it in a convenient location, but not out in the open (if possible), such as under a table or behind a sofa.
  2. Set up the left and right front speakers. The placement for the front speakers should go on either side of the TV. Keep the speakers close to the TV screen, but allow a few feet between the placement of the front Bose speakers and the television.
  3. Place the center channel speaker. The center speaker should be placed directly above the center of the TV screen. It should be pointed out towards where the audience will be seated.
  4. Set up the back surround sound speakers. Place the left and right surround sound speakers in the back of the room, at least ear height, if not higher, of where the viewers will be seated. Position the surround sound Bose speakers far enough apart so that they are not directly over the viewers' ears. These speakers should be placed a little farther apart in distance from where the front speakers were placed.
  5. Attach all wires and cable speakers. Make sure that you connect all of the audio input cables and speaker cables to the Acoustimass module. Match up all the color cable and wires correctly to the video system.
  6. Find the right levels for you Bose speakers. Play a movie to adjust all of the volume levels to your liking. Enjoy your new Bose speakers and your theater-like sound at home.  
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