How To Set Up A Bowflex For Squatting

If you love your Bowflex machine but you get tired of just doing curls all the time and you are ready to start building some real leg muscle, then you need to learn how to set up a Bowflex for squatting. The Bowflex is a perfect machine for doing squats because it is a simple process to increase the resistance as you build your muscles. Since the Bowflex uses resistance instead of real weight, you are also protected if an incident causes you to lose your balance during the squat, the cables will lost their resistance as you get closer to the ground. Bowflex home gyms can be set up to perform squats in one of two ways, depending on the model of home gym. If your gym has pulleys on the sides of the base, use the side pulley method, otherwise use the rail and squat attachment method. If your Bowflex did not come with a squat attachment, it may be one of the models without a dedicated squatting exercise.

Side Pulley Method

  1. Unroll the extension cable from the side of the Bowflex machine. It should be resting on rope hooks there.
  2. Pop the balls from one end of the rope. Push the middle portion out of the ball, then remove it.
  3. Connect one end of the cable to the snap hook on the main pulley behind the machine.
  4. Route the other end through the two squat pulleys on the bottom and side of the machine. Replace the ball on the end of the rope. Repeat this process for the other cable.
  5. Attach the hooks at the bottom of the squat harness to the ends of the cables that you just set up.
  6. Attach the handles to the clips at the top of the squat harness. This will give you something to hold onto while you are squatting.

Squat Attachment Method

  1. Lift the larger section of the seat up and pull it away from the Bowflex machine.
  2. Lift the entire seat rail up. Push it up as far as it will go.
  3. Swing the seat rail attachment device forward and insert it into the hole on the seat rail. The attachment device is hanging on a pole in the middle of the two upright columns. The device will click into place.
  4. Place the hooks on the back of the squat attachment over the poles located directly underneath the seat. When you press in on the squat attachment, it will lock into place.
  5. Pull the pin on the side of the seat and slide it to the lowest position on the rail and allow it to lock into place.
  6. Attach the cables from the pulleys on the side of the Bowflex to the hooks on the sides of the squat attachment.
  7. Pull the pin on the side of the seat and rotate it one-half turn so that the seat and squat attachment can slide freely.
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