How To Set Up Boxee

Learning how to set up Boxee on your PC can be one of the easiest tasks you will ever complete online. In less than five minutes you can have the entire Boxee system set up on your desktop or laptop. This incredible software helps you to locate legal movie and TV show content from across the web, saving you valuable time.

To set up Boxee, you will need:

  • A desktop PC, Mac or laptop
  • Windows XP, 7 or Vista, Mac OS X, Apple TV, or Ubuntu Linux
  1. Register for your free Boxee software. You can register on the Boxee website linked below. You will only need to give your first name, last name and email address and create a user name and password.
  2. Download the software. Refer to the download option on the Boxee website. Click on "download," then choose your operating system from the drop down list. If you are unsure of your operating system, check your computer settings. This will download the set-up software for Boxee.
  3. Install the software. Depending on your browser set up, you will either need to double click on the installation .exe file located in your Firefox or IE download menu or locate your download folder and double click the setup file from there.
  4. Run the Boxee software. After installation and set up of Boxee, the Boxee software will automatically offer an option to run. If you are ready to access Boxee, then check the "Run" option. If you are not ready to access Boxee directly after installation, then you can access Boxee later via the icon located in your start menu or on your desktop.
  5. Reply to your verification email. Boxee will send you an installation verification email. You will need to access this email and click on the link provided by Boxee in order to complete the setup process and access your Boxee software.
  6. Access your software and begin watching TV or movies via the Boxee software. Boxee will not only search your computer for TV and movie files you may already have, but will also offer you the option to search the Boxee database.

In less than five minutes you will be set up to use Boxee. Boxee gives you the option of watching via your PC, laptop and even through your home television. Boxee services are free and are updated on a regular basis. Boxee will also be offering an external Boxee unit in 2010 for accessing the system through your television without the use of a computer.


Boxee, official site

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