How To Set Car Timing Belt

Learn how to set a car's timing belt. It is important that a car's timing belt be set in the right position. If it is not, then your car could make a loud roaring noise or could even damage your engine. Do not take that risk of ruining your car. Follow these steps to set your timing belt in the right position.

Things you will need:

  • Wrench set
  • Pliers
  1. Loosening your tensioners. There is a bolt in the center of each tensioner. You would need to loosen them with a wrench. Do not remove the bolts from the engine, but loosen them just enough to freely move the tensioners.
  2. Align your tensioners. Now that your tensioners are loose, you would need to align them. On most engines, there are arrows on your tensioners. The two top tensioners should be set left to right in a straight line. You should be able to easily do this with a set of pliers to hold and move the tensioners. Then, if you have a third, bottom tensioner, it should be set north to south in a straight line. It is important to set these tensioners as straight as possible as they go.
  3. Tighten your bolts. Once the tensioners are set, then tighten their bolts. Please note to leave at least one tensioner loose. Try not to move the tensioners out of place. Also, ensure that the bolts are as tight as they were before.
  4. Align your timing belt with the arrows. Most timing belts come with markings that show you where to align it with the arrows. Follow and pay close attention to those markings. All markings on the timing belt should align with all the arrows of the tensioners. The belt should cover all tensioners to rotate around their gears.
  5. Tighten last tensioner. When you tighten the last tensioner, then your timing belt should be securely on. It should not be loose at all when you tighten the last tensioner. Also, try not to move any parts around while tightening the last bolt.
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