How To Set Cartier Vintage Watches

Learning how to set Cartier vintage watches does not have to be difficult. However, it is best if you handle them properly. You do not want to risk breaking the watch or any of its parts especially since jewelers cannot replace the parts.

To set Cartier vintage watches, you will need:

  • Cartier vintage watch
  1. Hold the watch carefully in your hand. Look for the knob on your Cartier vintage watch. It is usually near the center of your watch’s face. This is what you use for setting the time on your watch.
  2. Gently pull out the knob on the Cartier vintage watch. Do not tug it. This can cause the knob to break off the watch. The hands on your watch should stop moving once you pulled out the knob.
  3. Twist the knob around. You should see the hands move on the face of your Cartier watch. Set it to the current time.
  4. Push in the knob. Again, push in the knob gently on your Cartier vintage watch. The hands should start moving again, and the correct time should show on your watch.
  5. Set the day of the week or date. This is optional if your watch also displays the date, month or day of the week. Use the other knobs on the watch (above and below the center knob) to set the date and day.
  6. Place the watch on your wrist. Being careful, clasp the watch on your wrist through its link strap or leather strap. Check again to see if the time is correct on your watch.
  7. Follow the steps above for setting your other Cartier vintage watches. Only set them if you are going to wear them that day. Otherwise, gently pull the knob of the watches to conserve the battery.  


Refer to your Cartier vintage watch’s instructional guide for setting the time or any other components.

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