How To Set Casio Men’s G Shock Watch

Knowing how to set Casio men’s G-Shock watch brings confusion without detailed instructions. G-Shock timepieces have multiple functions. Setting such a complex machine is intimidating but can be broken down to graspable steps. The first and primary function of any watch is to tell time, so that is what the directions below will accomplish.

Note: The four main buttons are used when learning how to set a Casio G-Shock watch: the two top buttons and the two bottom buttons. For clarity, buttons will be stated as TOP L (left) or R (right) and BOTTOM L (left) or R (right).

Things you'll need:

  • Casio G-Shock watch
  1. Setting the seconds function. Hold "TOP L" button down to begin to set your watch. The TOP L button enters and exits the time setting function. Press the "BOTTOM L" button once until the seconds field flashes and use "BOTTOM L" or "R" button to set.
  2. Program hour position. Press "BOTTOM L" button four times until the hour selection flashes. Continue to set your Casio G-Shock watch by using "BOTTOM L" and "R" to select the hour.
  3. Set the minute. Press "BOTTOM L" button once to activate the minute area to flash. Use "TOP R" and "L" buttons to set minute section.
  4. Set correct year. Push "BOTTOM L" button once to set the year. Use "TOP R" and "B" button to set the current year. An accurate date is an important part of how to set your watch.
  5. Program current month. Press the "BOTTOM L" button once to flash the month field. Use "BOTTOM L" and "R" button to set current month.
  6. Set the day. Press the "BOTTOM L" button once to access the day field. Use "TOP R" and "L" buttons to set the accurate date.
  7. Finish. Press the "TOP R" button twice to exit out of the setting time function of the watch. Congratulations! The time is set on your Casio G-Shock watch.


  • Bottom left button equals plus or up.
  • Bottom right button equals minus or down.



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