How To Set Centrios Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

Need to set your Centrios wrist heart rate monitor? Some gadgets can be confusing. Not everyone is a technical genius. The Centrios wrist heart rate monitor is one of the best heart rate monitors on the market. Unfortunately, if you cannot set the monitor, it is useless. Owners rave that the monitor is easy to use, but setting it up can be the tricky part.

In order to set the heart rate monitor, you will need:

  • Centrios Wrist Heart Rate Monitor
  1. Place the wrist monitor on your wrist. The Centrios model comes with a sensor above and below the digital screen. The sensors are used to determine your heart rate. Make sure the wrist monitor is on your wrist properly. Avoid placing it on too tightly. The logo should be in a central, upright position.
  2. Power the heart rate monitor on. Press the power button and hold for several seconds until it turns on.
  3. Get your heart rate by placing your index finger on the bottom sensor and your middle finger on the top sensor. Hold both fingers over the sensors. Keep steady. The reading should appear on the digital screen after a couple seconds. The heart symbol will flash next to the heart rate.
  4. To set the daily alarm, push the left button. The a.m. and p.m. will blink. Set by pressing the right button. The left button will change the hours. Once you reach the time desired, push the left button again. This method is also used to set the time and date on the Centrios wrist heart rate monitor.
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