How To Set A Chopard Happy Sport Watch

Want to know how to set a Chopard Happy Sport watch? A look at the Chopard Happy Sport line shows a line of elegant analog watches. The Happy Sport line contains both chronograph and non-chronograph models. The one thing they all have in common is the method of setting, which is common to almost all analog watches with a crown. This method will be discussed in detail here.

Items needed:

  • Chopard Happy Sport watch
  1. Determine crown type. If the crown does not spin freely on your watch, it has a screw down crown for water-resistance; move on to step three. If it does have a screw down crown, perform step two.
  2. Unscrew crown. Turn crown in a counter-clockwise motion to unscrew until it pops free.
  3. Set date. If your Chopard Happy Sport watch has a day and/or date display. perform this step. If not, move on to step four. Pull the crown out one click. Twist crown clockwise and counter-clockwise to set the day and date to the previous day's day and date. The correct date will be set when the time is set. This is done to allow the watch to be in the correct a.m. and p.m. mode.
  4. Set time. Pull the crown out to the next click. Set the time by turning the crown clockwise until the day or date changes to the current date, if it has one. The watch is now in the a.m. mode. Now set the watch to the correct time.
  5. Push in crown. Press in the crown completely. If your Chopard Happy Sport watch has a screw down crown, move on to step six. If not, you are done.
  6. Screw down crown. Press the crown in with a finger and twist it clockwise. Be careful not to cross thread the crown in the crown tube or it will need to be replaced. It should be smooth and easy to turn. If any pressure or resistance is felt, stop and start over.
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