How To Set A Citizen Sport Watch

Want to how to set a Citizen sport watch? Citizen makes many types of watches including analog, digital and ani digital watches. Many of the quartz digital and ani digital watches have a setting procedure, which is specific to the individual watch. It would be impossible to describe them all in one article. Therefore, this article will center on how to set a Citizen sport watch with an analog movement.

Items needed:

  • Citizen sport watch
  • Soft, clean cloth
  1. Unscrew crown. Some Citizen sport watches have a screwed down crown. If your watch's crown does not spin freely in a clockwise direction, it is a screw down crown and must be unscrewed before setting the watch. Simply unscrew in a counter-clockwise direction until it pops free. Screwed down crowns are most common on divers watches or watches, which are designed to be water-resistant.
  2. Preset day and date. If your watch has a date display, either both day and date or simply date, perform this step. If not, move on to the next step. Pull the crown out (one click) and turn the crown in a clockwise direction, setting either the day/date to the day/date before the current date/day. Turn crown counter-clockwise to set the other date display if it has one to the day or date before the current day/date. Example: If you wish to set the watch to Friday the 23rd, set the date display to Thursday the 22th. Some watches will have an alternate language display for the day, so you can set it to either and it will stay in that format.
  3. Set time. Pull crown out (one click); this will either be the first click or second, depending if you had a date to set on the watch. Turn the crown to set the desired time. If the watch has a day and/or date, turn the crown until the date display changes to the correct date. Continue to set the time to the correct time, taking into consideration a.m. and p.m. The purpose for doing it in this fashion is to insure that the a.m. and p.m. mode is set correctly and the watch will now change date at midnight, instead of at noon.
  4. Start the watch. Push the crown down to finish setting the time and start the watch back up.
  5. Replace the crown. If the watch has a screw down crown, push it in gently with a fingertip and screw it back in using a clockwise twist. Go slowly and gently. If you feel pressure, stop, back it off and try it again. You do not want to cross thread the crown in the crown tube. If this occurs, the tube will need to be replaced to keep the watch water-resistant.
  6. Polish watch. Use the polishing cloth and polish off any fingerprints on the crystal and case.



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