How to Set Clock on Pioneer Car Stereo

Every now and then, people are forced to reset their clocks, and for whatever reason this may be, it can be a bit tricky understanding how to set the clock on a Pioneer car stereo. Setting a clock on a Pioneer car stereo is no calculus test so it should be fairly easy. Here are a few steps on how to set the clock on a Pioneer car stereo in no time.

  1. Engine on, Stereo off. Turn your car engine on, but turn off the car stereo.
  2. Press and Hold. Once the stereo is off, you have to press and hold the "multicontrol" button until the display comes on.
  3. Turn. Then turn the "multicontrol" button until the word clock appears on the screen.
  4. Hours and Minutes. In order to change the hours and minutes, you will need to move the "multicontrol" button up and down. Set the time to whatever time you wish and leave it as that.
  5. Lastly. Once you are done setting the time, press the “source” or "escape” button to exit. Then, turn on the stereo and your engine if you like. The clock on your Pioneer car stereo should be set.

Now it is time to put your Pioneer car stereo to good use. You no longer have to look somewhere else for the time when driving. If a step is missed, just start from the beginning and do not try to improvise. The next time that daylight savings rolls around, setting the clock on the Pioneer Car stereo should be a piece of cake.

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