How To Set A Comcast DTA Remote

If you want to learn how to set a Comcast DTA remote, continue to read a few more guidelines. A remote control is worthless if it can not operate your TV or adjust the volume. A digital to analog (DTA) Comcast remote is easily programmed with a few short steps.

To set a Comcast DTA remote, you will need:

  • TV connected to digital to analog (DTA) receiver
  • Manufacturer's codes
  • DTA remote control
  1. Start television preparation. Locate the brand of your television in the list accompanying the remote. Write all the various five-digit codes for your TV as you begin the process.
  2. Begin coding groundwork. Locate and apply pressure to the button labeled SETUP. A key element in succeeding how to set a Comcast DTA remote is to release the button when a red light blinks twice. The brief flashing light signifies that the remote is ready for programming.
  3. Insert code. Use the remote to enter one of the five-digit manufacture codes. As you continue to set a Comcast DTA remote, the red remote light will blink twice after the code is put in.
  4. Final step. Point the remote at the TV as the final step in how to set a Comcast DTA remote. The television should turn off, which means a successful coding. This completes the entire process.



  • If the first code fail to program your remote, use other codes until the TV shuts off.
  • The remote will display a long, red blink when wrong code entered.
  • Write down the code that controls the television.
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