How To Set Up A Comcast Email Address

If you are interested in knowing how to setup a Comcast e-mail address, you have two options to choose from. When you set up service with Comcast, you are immediately able to set up an e-mail address with the service technician. Once you have a Comcast e-mail address, you are then able to set up multiple e-mail addresses at your discretion.

You will need:

  • a computer
  • access to Comcast's Internet service

New Customers:

  1.  Call Comcast to set up Internet service in your home. Usually you can call one day and have someone come out to setup the service in the next few days. Be sure your are home and available during this appointment.
  2. After installation, the technician will ask you what the name of the first e-mail address will be. This will likely become the primary e-mail address and contact source for Comcast. The password will be set up at that time as well.
  3. Once the service is complete, you can go into the Comcast Website and set new Comcast e-mail addresses. As soon as the technician leaves, you should have immediate access.

Existing Customer:

  1. Log onto You can choose, My Account or choose E-mail, and then proceed to My Account. The system may request that you re-enter your password.
  2. Select the Users & Settings tab near the top of the screen. This will show you all of the current preferences that you have for the current Comcast email address that you have.
  3. Choose, “Create Secondary User.” You can now add all of the important information to the new Comcast email address.

Knowing how to set up a Comcast email address is easy. Remember, most accounts are allowed up to seven different Comcast email addresses.

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