How To Set A Comcast Remote

You've just got a new Comcast remote for your TV and want to know how to set up your Comcast remote? When you sync your Comcast remote to your television it will allow you to use one remote for multiple functions. Setting up a new remote for your television is fairly easy thing to do. By following a few simple steps you can easily set up your Comcast remote within a few minuets.

 To set up a Comcast remote you need:

  • TV
  • Comcast remote
  • TV codes


  1. Locate and press the TV key. First make sure that you turn your TV on. Across the top of the remote towards the left side you will se a "TV" Key. Press the "TV" key once and then quickly release it.
  2. Hold down the "Setup" button. Across the top of your remote on the right hand side you will find the"Setup" button. Press and hold down the "Setup" button until the TV button blinks twice, and then release the"Setup" button.
  3. Enter the four-digit code. You can look in your TV's manual or online to get a listing of codes for your television if you are not sure of the code number. You can also follow the Resources link for a list of Comcast's codes. Use the number pad on your Comcast remote to enter the four-digit code listed for your television.
  4. Find the right code. Press the "Power button on your remote and your TV will turn off when the right code is found. If you enter the incorrect code there will be a long flash and the remote will exit out of the setup mode. You will enter in another code and try again. Repeat this process until the right code is found. Once your TV turns off you have set your Comcast remote correctly.



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