How To Set Convergence On Sony Projection TV?

The picture on your Sony TV is not clear and you want to know how to set convergence on a Sony Projection TV? On a Sony Projection TV if the colors become dull or the pictures can become blurry you need to set the convergence. Convergence is when the lines or the picture tubes don't align up properly and causes the screen to not be as crisp as it should. It is quite easy to set convergence on a Sony Projection TV, and only takes a few simple steps to get everything set up back the way that it should be.

To set convergence on a Sony Projection TV you need:

  • Sony TV
  • Sony remote control
  1. Go to the setup menu. First turn on your Sony Projection TV. On the remote control press the "Menu" button. Scroll the cursor to the "Setup" option by using the up and down arrows on the remote. Once you have "Setup" highlighted press "Return."
  2. Bring up the convergence screen. Move the cursor to "Convergence" by using the up and down arrows on the remote. Once the convergence adjustment screen is up press "Return."
  3. Adjust the lines. Press the arrow to move the cursor to the line you would like to adjust. You will move the cursor to either the vertical or horizontal for the red and blue lines. Press "Return" once you have selected the line that you want to adjust. Now press the arrow again to move the line until it meets with the center green line on your Sony Projection TV screen, and then press "Return"
  4. Repeat the adjustment. Repeat the above process for all of the other lines until all three lines meet with the center green line. You will know that you have done this properly because all the lines will be seen as a white cross on your screen.
  5. Exit the convergence menu. To exit the convergence menu press the "Menu" button. This will return you back to the original TV screen. You have completed setting the convergence on your Sony Projection TV.



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