How To Set Date On A Seiko Watch

Wondering how to set the date on a Seiko watch? There are two types of date displays which may be used on your Seiko watch, digital and analog. Since there are many types of digital displays and ways to set them, one article could not cover them all, without knowing specific models of Seiko watch. We will therefore concern ourselves with analog displays which are set pretty much in the same manner on all Seiko watches. There are two procedures which may be used, the first is when you wish to set the day/date without setting or interfering with the time, the second is for setting both date and time.

Items needed to set the date only on a Seiko analog watch:

  1. Seiko analog watch
  2. Polishing cloth


  1. Follow Seiko date set rule. Seiko recommends that you do not set one of their watches between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. so it is a good idea to follow this guide line and not set it during those hours.
  2. Unscrew crown. On some Seiko watches the crown is screwed down. This is especially true on any watch which is rated as water resistant. If the crown does not spin clockwise freely, it is screwed down. Turn the crown counter clockwise until it pops out.
  3. Pull crown out one click. This sets the watch up to advance the day and date settings, two clicks is for time.
  4. Set date and day. Turn the crown in a counter clockwise motion advancing either the date to the correct date or the day to the correct day. Turn the crown in the opposite direction to set the other indicator if it has one. If there is a day setting very often there will be two settings for the day, the first is in English, and the second is in an alternative language, which can vary. Often in Seiko watches the second language is Japanese. The day can be set to either language.
  5. Push in crown.  Push the crown back in on your Seiko watch.
  6. Screw down crown. If the watch has a screwed down crown you will need to screw it back down to retain water resistance. Push in the crown gently, and hold it in while turning it clockwise. It should turn easily with no real resistance. If you feel any resistance, stop and back it off. You do not want to cross thread the crown in the crown tube. If this happens the watch will need to be serviced and have a new tube put in to retain water resistance. Screw the crown in until it stops.
  7. Polish off fingerprints. Use the polishing cloth and polish off any fingerprints you left on the case, bracelet, or crystal of your fine Seiko watch.

Alternate method to set your Seiko watch date and time:

  1. Follow Seiko date set rule.  Do not set watch between hours of 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m..
  2. Unscrew crown.  Unscrew crown as in the first method.
  3. Pull crown out one click. This will set up the watch for day and date change.
  4. Pre-set day and date. Turn the crown in one direction to set either the day or date to the day/date prior to the day/date desired. Turn the crown in the opposite direction to set the day or date to the day/date prior to the date desired.
  5. Set time/day/date to correct settings. Pull the crown out one more click, putting it in time set mode. Turn the crown clockwise until the day/date changes at midnight. Then set the time to the correct time.
  6. Push in crown. Push crown back in completely.
  7. Screw down crown. Follow the procedure to screw in the crown in the first method.
  8. Polish watch.  Use the soft cloth and polish the fingerprints off the case.
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