How To Set Default Web Browser

Want to learn how to set a default web browser? If you use some of the best web browsers in the world, you will have great opportunities to configure their settings when running them on your own computer. Configuring the settings of a web browser allows you to utilize it properly. In order to set a default web browser when using the internet, you have to make a few decisions. Internet users who use some of the most popular and widely available web browsers don't need to go through big problems when planning to configure their settings. The steps below show you how to set a default web browser.

To set a default web browser, you will need:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • At least one web browser
  1. If you want to set a default web browser, you need to log on to your computer and analyze the programs that have been installed on it. Having more than two web browsers will give you a chance to pick the best one. You can configure the settings for your web browser of choice by opening it. Set your default web browser by configuring the "Options" section of your web browser. It's that easy!
  2. Compare the different internet web browsers you are currently using. Set your default web browser by analyzing the speed and usability levels produced by your browser when surfing the internet. Don't set a default web browser until you have tested the ones you have installed on your computer.



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