How To Set Up Detachable Car Stereo CD Player

Learning how to set up a detachable car stereo CD player isn't that difficult of a task. Detachable car stereo CD players were made to be easy to install, as well as to use once installed. Don't let all the bright lights and bells and whistles fool you. Those guys that install detachable car stereo CD players in your favorite electronics stores aren't rocket scientists. Actually, the hardest part about setting up a car stereo is removing the factory model from your ride. Everything else is just attaching this part to that part. Here's how to set up a detachable car stereo CD player.

  1. The factory model. If you don't have the tools to get this thing out, then don't even try. Take your car to the electronics store and let the car audio employees take it out. Most stores would recommend that you let them set up your detachable car stereo the first time. Let them do it. You can examine how they did it at a later time.
  2. Your new CD player. After they've installed the detachable stereo CD player, examine their work. Notice that your CD player is probably sitting on a mounted storage space. This is because brand name CD players are created one size. The storage holders are created for different sizes depending on the make and model of car that the CD player is being installed into. So, what the guys at the electronic store did was simply cut out the factory model CD player, get the correct size of mount, and place the CD player into the remaining space.
  3. Take a look at the CD player. Make sure you go up under the hood and unhook the battery. Now, the CD player is locked into position over the mounts by two simple locking mechanisms on both sides of the unit. Look in the box. There should be two thin metallic bars that can slide down and hook into the CD player unit. When they lock into the unit, you can pull it out of it's holding space. Slide the unit out just to take a look at how simple the hook up is. It's literally two or maybe three simple attachments in the back that get your CD player up and running in the car. Slide the unit back into position.
  4. The faceplate. Your CD player wont work without the faceplate attached. A kill switch is released when the plate is off. It's a security mechanism. Your face plate should easily snap into position. At this point you can listen to CDs or the radio. Programming the CD player is simple enough as well. It may require finding the station and holding a key to link the station to that particular key. All models are different. Just play around with it. Setting the time and other things are also a matter of a simple manipulation of the buttons.
  5. The remote control. Most detachable car stereo CD players come with a handy little remote control that makes it easier for the driver to control the CD player while driving. It can also be used to set up certain things with the CD player. All you have to do is play around with it for a while and you'll get the hang of it.
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