How To Set Up A Drum Set

If you want to learn how to set up a drum set, you will have no problem once you do it a few times. All those mechanical parts to your drum set may look intimidating at first. This article will teach you to set up a drum set for a right-handed player.

  1. Set the kick drum up in front of you. You may want to put your kit on a carpet so it doesn't slide when you play. Some drummers put pillows inside the kick drum set to make the sound less boomy. Attach the kick drum pedal to the bottom of the kick drum so that it is easily reachable with your right foot.
  2. Set up the snare stand a little to the left and behind the kick drum. Put the snare on the snare stand. Snares can come with the rattles loosened, so tighten the claps to be able to play the snare with a pop.
  3. Use the rack mounts for the the two rack toms on the kick drum. Slide the toms onto the racks, making sure the smaller one is farthest to the the left.
  4. Set up the floor tom to the right of the kick drum. The floor tom has three stands that hold it up. Make sure these are tightened and are at a comfortable playing height for your drum set.
  5. Set the hi-hat up. The hi-hat stand may seem complicated, but you want to put it to the left of the snare so that your left foot can reach the pedal. The bottom hi-hat cymbal goes on the stand first, then the top cymbal. You can tighten or loosen the space between the two hi-hat cymbals depending on how you want your hi-hat to sound.
  6. Set up your crash cymbal. Usually the stand is set up on the outside of the kit to the left of the kick drum with the cymbal hanging over to the left of the the smallest rack tom.
  7. Set up the ride. The ride stand is usually placed to the right of the kick drum and the cymbal hangs slightly over the floor tom.

You may need to adjust the positions of the drums some what so fit with your size and playing style.


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