How To Set Up Field Hockey Nets

Oftentimes, learning how to set up field hockey nets is harder than it looks. Field hockey nets come in an array of sizes and this often determines how much time you will need to dedicate to setting up one of these nets. With a little direction and motivation you can easily set up a field hockey net. Here are a few steps that will help you set up a field hockey net.

To set up a field hockey net, you will need:

  • a field hockey net 
  • the owner's manual
  • friends
  • rubber hammer
  • anchors
  1. It all depends on the size. Some field hockey nets can easily be set up in five minutes and then there are those that take longer. If you have a field hockey net that is meant for younger kids, it will only take you around five minutes. This type of net just pops up once you take it out of the box and it stays like that until it is time for it to be put away. Other nets meant for adults may require anchors that come with the net. Find out which field hockey net you have.
  2. Anchoring the net down. Take the time to read the manual and identify the piece of equipment that you will need to secure this field hockey net. The net should come with a few anchors that you can use a rubber hammer to nail down. The hard part is not hammering down the anchors, its more of making sure that the net is secure once you have put these anchors in place. To do this, you can enlist the help of a friend that will make sure the net remains upright and straight as you hammer the anchors into place.
  3. Enjoy. Once you are done securing the field hockey net, invite your other friends over for a friendly game of field hockey!
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