How To Set Up A Fishing Boat

Knowing how to set up a fishing boat properly depends on the species of fish that are to be targeted. However, there are a number of basic supplies and tackle items that every boat should be equipped with. Following are steps for setting up a fishing boat.

  1. Presuming that the boat is empty except for necessities such as the motor, it is important to buy or install basic supplies. A cooler is a must for every boat, as food, drink, bait, and caught fish may be kept cold in it. If the boat is roomy, look into having a seat cooler installed (which is a seat that opens up with a large cooler under it). Also be sure to get life vests, a first aid kit, and a tool box.
  2. Next, buy fishing-related items. Equip the boat with a net, gaff, scale, and, if necessary, fish measuring tape (stickers that may be placed on the gunnel and used to measure fish). Livewells, trolling motors, and depth finders can also be very handy, depending on the type of fishing that will be done.
  3. Rod holders, either mounted around a center console, or inside the sides of the boat are very handy. These keep rods in place in an organized fashion while commuting to and from fishing grounds.
  4. Buy rods, reels, extra lines, wire, lures, hooks, and rigs, and keep the smaller items organized in fishing bags or tackle boxes that may fit in the storage compartment.
  5. Think of any other items that can be useful. Anything that can help with engine repair, and other items such as flashlights can be great to have on board. Be sure to have ropes, and an anchor, if necessary. An extra can of gas can be left on board for emergency purposes as well.

Though it is ultimately up to you, the above steps should be strongly considered by anyone setting up a fishing boat.

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