How To Set The Gain On A Car Amplifier

Your car's stereo system just got installed and you want to know how to set the gain on your car amplifier. Setting the gain control on your car amplifier gives you the guarantee of the absolute best sound you can get from your amplifier. The gain being set is the difference between good sound and almost perfect sound. When the gain is not set properly you can damage your speakers. The gain control helps the head unit to drive the amplifier. To do this you want to match the head unit voltage with the input of the amplifier. There are a few steps to follow to set the gain on your car amplifier to give you the best sound that you can possibly get.

Things you'll need:

  • Car stereo
  • Car plugs (optional)
  1. Set the gain control to the lowest setting possible. Adjust your CD player so that all the levels are all at zero. Make sure there is no extra treble or bass.
  2. Adjust your CD player volume. With your favorite CD in your head unit, turn the volume control up until your music starts to get distorted in your car amplifier. Turn the volume notch down to about 80 percent (you can wear ear plugs for protection).
  3. Slowly turn the gain up. Have the gain on your car amplifier set to its lowest setting. Slowly turn the gain up until you begin to hear distortion.
  4. Turn the gain down a notch. Once you've found the begriming of the distortion, turn the gain on your car amplifier down just a little bit until you no longer hear distortion. Your gain is now set. If you have any additional gains, repeat this process to set the rest of them.
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