How To Set A Gap Sport Watch

You've just purchased a gap sport watch and want to know how to set up a gap sport watch. Gap sports watches are popular watches that have a few features on them. Just like any watch, the main thing you need to know when you first get a watch is how to set the date and the time. Gap sport watches are mostly common among younger kids. It may take the parents to set the gap sports watch for their children. To effectively set a gap sport watch follow the instructions below.

  1. Change the Mode to TimeSet. Push the "Mode" button three times to get it to the proper setting to set the gap sport watch time and date. The "Mode" button will display three settings when pressed: StopWatch, AlarmTimeSet, and TimeSet. Select the TimeSet Mode and then select Time
  2. Push "Reset" to select the time settings. Flashing second number digits will appear to let you know that your time is ready to be set on your gap sport watch. Push "Reset" to select the correct minutes and to select the correct hour for the current time. Once you are done setting the time, press the "Start" button to save it.
  3. Set the Date by pressing "Reset" again. Once you set the time press the "Reset" button again to select the date Mode on your gap sport watch. Select the current Date, Month and, Day of Week on your watch. Press the "Start" button to save your date once it's set.
  4. Select the "Reset" and "Start" button to set the Alarm. To set the Alarm simultaneously push the "Reset" button and the "Start" button. This will take you immediately to the Alarm Mode. Select "Alarm On" then select in the alarm time you want to set. Push the "Start" button to save the alarm. To Turn the Alarm off simultaneously push "Reset" button and the "Start" button, then select "Alarm Off".


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