How To Set Up Kenwood Car Amplifier

Knowing how to set up a Kenwood car amplifier can improve the sound of your system. Technology has tremendously changed the way music systems function and Kenwood car stereos are no exception. No longer do cars use a simple AM or FM radio or even the facility to play cassette player and compact disks. Now, there are features including a hands-free phoning by using a Bluetooth short-range radio, high definition (HD) radio, DHDHD iPod compatibility, remote control transmitters and satellite add-ons. You no longer need to tune your stereo set but have to program it to certain settings to listen to your favorite music.

Things you will need to set up a Kenwood car amplifier:

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  1. Adjust the cabin selection. You can adjust the controls in order to balance the delay in the sound arrival time. First, select sound, and then the setup, followed by cabin. Select the car type, say SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) or full size car, by turning the control knob. When the car type you own is displayed on the screen, select it by pressing the center of the control knob.
  2. Adjust the speaker settings. You can also balance the sound as per the location and size of the loudspeakers. Do this by selecting sound, and then setup, followed by speaker. Check the speaker sizes for those installed in your car by turning the control knob. It should display speaker location such as under dash or on-dash. Similarly amplifier speaker sizes will be displayed as four inches, five inches and so on. Select the amp location and size by pressing the center of the control knob.
  3. Adjust other loudspeaker sound settings. Adjust the equalizer curve for the type of music you usually listen to, using the similar steps as described above. For instance, you may choose jazz or rock etc. depending on the genre of music.
  4. Adjust the Bluetooth device on the Kenwood amplifier. Your Kenwood car stereo loudspeaker can be paired with your cell phone allowing you to take advantage of the hands-free calling facility. Switch on the main control unit. Place your phone in the Bluetooth search mode. If you don’t understand how to do this, check the Amps User Manual of your phone for detailed instructions. Choose Kenwood when it gets displayed on the screen of your phone. Type in the PIN code sent to the phone. You can also adjust it other way round, that is, by pairing the Kenwood amp with the phone. Go to the Kenwood's menu and select device register. Keep the control knob of the amp pressed for about one second. The Kenwood amplifier will now begin searching for your phone. Turn the control knob and push it to select numbers; enter the PIN code, which the phone sends to your Kenwood. Keep the amplifier control knob pressed for about a second so that the PIN is sent to your phone. The screen should display "Pairing Success" after all these steps are over. Press the knob once more in order to exit the Bluetooth settings menu.
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