How To Set A Lorus Sports Watch

You've just purchased a Lorus watch and need to know how to set a Lorus Sports Watch. Lorus watches come in a various styles including sports watches. Many different department stores and Jewelry stores sell Lorus watches worldwide. Knowing how to set a Lorus sports watch is easy to do and depends on if you have analog or digital style watch.

Set an Analog Lorus sports watch

  1. Locate and pull the crown. The crown is a small knob that is located on the right hand side of the Locus sports watch. Pull the crown out to one click.
  2. Set the date. Turn the crown clockwise until the current date is displayed on the watch.
  3. Pull the crown out one more click to set the time. When setting the time, first turn the crown five minutes past the correct time, and then turn the crown back to the correct time
  4. Lock the crown into place. Once the date and time is set on the Locus sports watch, push the crown back down on the side of the watch to lock it into place. Now the watch is set.

Set a Digital Lorus sports watch

  1. Change modes on the watch.  Press the button located on the bottom left-hand side of the Lorus sports watch to change modes on the watch to set it.
  2. Put the watch in the seconds mode. For two seconds press and hold the bottom left-hand side button until the seconds begin to flash on the watch.
  3. Set the seconds'. Press the top right-hand side button to set the seconds to "00". Next, press the button once more to set the seconds to the correct time.
  4. Set the hour. To get the hours to flash press the button on the top right-hand side of the Lorus sports watch until the hours flash. To change the hour display, press the button on the bottom right and side of the watch.
  5. Set the watch. Press the button on the top right-hand side of the watch to set it. Repeat step 4 to set the watch year, date, and month. The watch is now set.
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