How To Set A Magnavox VCR

Having an owner’s manual helps with the set up of any type of technical device, especially when learning how to set a Magnavox VCR. Directions cannot steer the person wrong as specifics outweigh any questions that need to be answered. The Magnavox Owner’s Manual for the Video Cassette Recorder MSC455 has been used to provide this information, which will get the person started to set up a Magnavox VCR.

To Set up A Magnavox VCR, you will need the following.

  • Magnavox VCR
  • Television
  • AC power cords
  • 2 RF cables
  • Remote control
  • Two AA batteries


  1. Disconnect the television antenna. The plug in cable in the back of the television needs to be unplugged. The wall cable needs to connect to the VCR. In back of the VCR the RF cable needs to connect to the marked “in” connection of the VCR needs to be attached to the wall cable connection. The shorter RF cable is used for this.
  2. Connect the television to the VCR. In the back of the television the cable outlet needs to be connected to the VCR by inserting the longer RF cable into the well marked “out” RF connector site of the VCR. The RF cable needs to also connect to the cable insert area in back of the television.
  3. Set the television to Channel 4. This station will allow the video to be displayed on the television. Insert a tape into the VCR. Press Play once. Hold for 3 seconds and a playback picture should appear. Press stop if needed to stop the picture.
  4. Insert the batteries into the remote control first to use the remote control. Use them designated buttons on the remote control to set up programming. The buttons are well marked. Start with menu set up and hit record when you wish to record a television program.

The Magnavox VCR remains a nice set up for a television to watch a VCR. The remote control, along with the Magnavox system remains an old stand-by for VCR collections to be viewed. 

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