How To Set Markers On A Golf Course

Do you want to know how to set markers on a golf course? There are many different markers that are used on a golf course. After you have been golfing for a while, you actually don't even realize that you are using most of these markers. You use them all of the time during a round of golf and don't even realize it. If you are working as a caretaker at a course or considering building your own course, you may want to know all of the different types of markers and how to set them up.

1. Tee box markers are useful. This is probably the most basic type of marker on the golf course, but if you think about it, they are very important. These markers decide were you are going to begin your round. Tee box markers should be placed in various locations that represent different distances from the putting green. There should be four different distances on the golf course, with the female tee box being the shortest distance, followed by the beginner tees, intermediate, and finally the advanced tees being the greatest distance to the hole.

2. Out of bounds and hazard markers are essential. Out of bounds and hazard markers should be placed in areas on the golf course around the fairway that represent unplayable or difficult to play areas. A hazard marker generally represents an area were a golfer may choose to take a drop or they may choose to play out of the lie. Out of bounds markers represent areas on the golf course were the golfer will have to take a penalty stroke.

3. Be sure to place your yardage markers. Yardage markers are typically placed 200, 150 and 100 yards from the front of the putting greens. These markers are either placed in the fairway in the form of various colored poles, painted on the cart path, or labeled on the face plates of the sprinkler heads.

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