How To Set Up A New Car Amplifier

Learning how to up a new car amplifier requires some knowledge of wiring and car electronics. This is a common project that will increase the power of your car's audio system significantly. Follow these steps to learn about how to set up a new car amplifier.

What you will need:

  • Electrical wire
  • RCA cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter


  1. Detach the car battery by removing the connectors on each pole at the battery. Be careful not to touch the connectors to metal surfaces or to each other. 
  2. Determine the location for the amplifier. This is normally in the trunk or in the front of the car, depending on if it will be used with subwoofers or the other speakers in the car.
  3. Run the power cables from the hood of the car to the location the amplifier is to be installed at. There is normally an opening on the driver's side of the car where electrical cords pass through around the fire wall. Don't attach the cables to the battery yet.
  4. Attach the ground cable for the amplifier to a bolt on the car near the amplifier. This will prevent damage to the amp and other electronics.
  5. Connect RCA cables from the stereo in your car to the inputs on the amplifier. Connect the speakers the amplifier will power to the amplifier as well. 
  6. Connect the power cables for the amplifier and the rest of the car back to the car battery. Power on the car and amplifier and test the setup. Check the power cords, audio cables, and connections if you have trouble.
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