How To Set Up An Older Camping Tent

Need to know how to set up an older camping tent? To do so you have to find a flat and dry spot, and follow these simple steps.

  1. Extend the main body of the tent, excluding any poles and rain fly. Stakes or tent pegs have to be put to ground making sure the main body of the tent is fully extended. Mind the weather, wind and sun orientation before starting, as older tents are not able to be moved once set.
  2. Open the main door and crawl in carrying the main poles. Usually they for an arch. Pre-setting longer sections can be useful, but it´s not always possible. Once you are inside, find the little holes that house the top of the poles.
  3. Have someone tying ropes from the outside. Tie the top of the poles to the ground, to keep them upright. When the structure is stable, there´s usually a horizontal link between the two main poles. Put that on, and check again the inner pole´s placement.
  4. Put the rain fly on top of the main body. Be careful not to put too much weight on a particular spot of the tent.
  5. Locate and set the vestibule, if available.

Once the tent is set, check again for spots with too much or too little tension, as they may lead to water leaks in case of rain. The rain fly cannot touch the main body of the tent. If it does, water will get in. Make the rain fly stay apart from the main body by tensioning the sides with stakes.

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